The Beginning of the End of Post Show Recaps

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The Beginning of the End of Post Show Recaps

Making a podcast is easy. You find a topic, you find a recording device, ideally you find a person you like talking to, you hit “start,” and voila: podcast! Pretty simple, right?

Keeping a podcast alive, however, is really hard. Most shows don’t make it past an episode or two. Many don’t make it ten minutes.

Well, Post Show Recaps made it ten minutes. We made it ten years. Alas, no further.

A decade after our debut, it is sadly time to say goodbye. It’s with a heavy heart I announce the end of Post Show Recaps. We will be producing podcasts through the end of March, and then, we’re turning out the lights.

I know this news comes as a shock to many of you, and believe me, as someone who has lived and breathed this podcast every single day for ten years, it’s not a decision that was reached lightly. Remember what I said earlier about how hard it is to keep a podcast alive? It’s really hard to keep a podcast alive! Whether that’s energetically, financially, you name it, all of it.

There were several moments along the way where I didn’t think we were going to make it. One such moment was three years ago, when, in a last-ditch effort to stay online, we launched the PSR Patreon, and found an amazing new life. We made all kinds of connections on the discord, and members of the audience got up on stage and became hosts in their own right. It was an incredible final act for Post Show Recaps. Succession! Severance! Saul! The list goes on! If you are or ever were a patron, just know, in a very real way, these last three years only happened because of you.

There’s a lot of news still to share and housekeeping left to do, and I’ll fill you in on as much of it as I can as I’m able. For now, to my mind, there are at least a few headlines I want to make sure to share right away.

First and foremost, while PSR is ending, some of the shows will live on in new venues. I’m currently working behind the scenes on handing over podcast feeds to hosts who wish to continue their shows outside the scope of Post Show Recaps. An example, DOWN THE HATCH. Mike and I aren’t giving up on Battlestar Galactica and a weekly opportunity to talk so much about Lost so easily. We’re continuing the show entirely on our own, so stay subscribed to the feed if you’re a DTH fan, and stay subscribed to all the feeds you really love at least for the time being, as we’re still working with hosts about what they want to do with their programs. This is going to take some time to sort out, so your patience is appreciated.

On that note, I know many of the PSR podcasters are working on new projects, the details of which I will leave to them to share as they see fit. Keep an ear out from folks for their next whereabouts, and we’ll be sure to signal boost on our end as well. I’ll add for now that there will be some new scripted coverage with our neighbors across the podcast streets at RHAP. I’ll be helping Rob and the gang sort all of that out in time, but we won’t have anything to announce until after we close down PSR, and even then, not until I finish taking a giant nap.

Lots more to say, but for now, as Kendall would say, “So, uh, that’s the message.” Speaking with all of you in some way, shape or form over the last 10 years on Post Show Recaps has been one of the most unbelievable experiences in my life. Thank you for all of it. I look forward to all the ways we’ll keep the conversation going over the next ten years, even if it’s not here at Post Show Recaps. Until then, I hope you enjoy our final episodes running through March. As they say: Post Show Recaps is almost over, but our final season is just getting started.

Your friend,

Josh Wigler


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