The CW’s ARROW | The Past, Present And Future

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LISTENERS OF POST SHOW RECAPS! You have failed… this… podcast… unless you listen to this special episode all about ARROW, right now!

Join us in the top-secret bunker under the Post Show Recaps nightclub as Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) geeks out with veteran comic book journalist Lucas Siegel (@LucasSiegel) about ARROW, the CW superhero series about eagle-eyed vigilante Oliver Queen’s exploits throughout and beyond Starling City.

The conversation covers all of ARROW to date, as well as some speculation about what could happen coming up in season three and beyond. Josh and Lucas talk about this week’s episode, MIDNIGHT CITY, and the rise of Laurel Lance as the new Black Canary, plus some theorizing about Oliver’s curious new circumstances. There is also some confusion over how to pronounce Ra’s al Ghul, and several deep-dives into DC Comics lore thanks to Lucas’ extensive know-how.

Josh and Lucas will get together again in the near future to discuss THE FLASH. For any questions or comments about that show and ARROW, send them to @PostShowRecaps or through our feedback form.

arrow-300 Josh is joined by veteran comic book journalist Lucas Siegel.[/caption]

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