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Holy everything! What was that?! Or Holy nothing, that was all easily explained as a manifestation of Kevin’s subconscious. 

No matter which side of the divide you’re on, that was a bold, brash, and beautiful episode of television. So since Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are at least two of those things, what better concierges to have on standby to lead you through this hostile hostel and to the well? (Don’t worry, no ghost children were harmed in the making of this podcast.) 

Josh and Antonio circle, spiral, and helix their way through the events of this episode — accordingly adorned of course — and get into talk of Jesus, Mary, and the Holy (Wayne) Ghost. Safe to say this podcast is in Jeopardy of becoming both an audiobook and a love fest. 

There are so many possibilities and so much depth that we can’t wait to get your take in the comments below or through our feedback form.

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