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Smile! It’s 10/13 already! Do you have any plans for Heroes Day?

This week Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) discuss some of the darker forces in play for Heroes Day, namely the beautiful face of psychotic evil that came to the forefront this episode in the form of Meg. Plus, we got a jaw-dropping answer to a big mystery from this season, and Josh and Antonio break down all aspects of that, pulling in strands from throughout the entire run of the series to try and make sense of everything in play for the finale. They also get into a lot of your theories and comments regarding this episode, and what might be in store next week.

So no matter your plans, let this podcast be the walnuts in your salad (or your salad sans walnuts if you prefer) and, if you are so inclined, cast your stones in the comments below or through our feedback form.

** Damon Lindelof explains the big twist to Variety
** Alan Sepinwall breaks down just how awesome Liv Tyler was in this episode 

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