The Strain, Episode 2: The Box


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Josh Wigler is feeling things he hasn’t felt ever.  Rob asks if it’s normal for him to have worms crawling under his skin.  A lot more gross stuff and a lot more deaths on this episode.  Josh still doesn’t have an idea of what’s going on with this episode.  He hasn’t read the book so he doesn’t know what direction this is going so he’s enjoying this.

Beginning with the end, Emma killed her dad and drew a blood bath.  It’s madness with vampires in the city.  Josh really didn’t feel bad about Emma’s dad after that sloppy slap that he gave to F in the previous episode.

What Rob realized in this show is that the happier the music, the more gruesome the scenes are.  Josh is waiting for a vampire scene with a Lion King soundtrack.  We still don’t know the extent of the spread of this disease so it’s interesting what’s going to happen with the dad.

The Goth guy in the van, Gabriel Bolivar may not be into ruining the orgy.  He seems to not know what is happening to him right now but his vampire instincts may just take over.

Emma has got this queen alien tongue going on which is an iconic visual thing.  F seems to be getting the Kate Morgan treatment at work. Josh thinks Dr. Nora is also super on the ball and she may be a little more prepared to take this thing on.

Things are moving really fast and the episode showing the personal life of F may just be the weak point of the show.  Josh enjoys the scene with F and ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

The old guy, Palmer is the head of the Stoneheart Group and wants to live as long as possible with whatever means possible.  So he made a deal with the Nazi vampire and so they are shipping the monster vampire to New York as part of the deal.  Although Josh thinks it’s not gonna turn out the way Palmer wants it to.

The vampire Eichorst visit Abraham in jail and they have a very interesting conversation.  Definitely, there is an ancient feud happening between the two which goes back to World War and the Nazi era.  Eichorst also talks about the sword and it seems to play a big role.  The heart that was shown in the first episode belongs to someone that Abraham loves and whom Eichorst killed.  It also seems Abraham has killed someone close to Eichort’s heart, River Haven.

What is the master’s master plan?  Maybe just eat as many people as it can and hang out with as many vampires as it can.  Abraham being in jail as the safest place to be may just be sensible.  Rob says a jail is the worst place to be if there is a virus.

Gus drives the coffin to New York and gets away.  He and his brother may be up to no good.  There is no elaboration on Sean Astin’s character in this episode whatsoever.  Josh predicts it’s either Sean will turn into a vampire or he will become a vampire food.

Josh is happy to see Kevin Durand pop up as Vasilly Fet.  He is such a presence in all the movies and television shows he’s appeared in.  Josh thinks he is taking his job pretty seriouslyand he might just be an asset.  He is Josh’s favorite character right now.

Josh is suspicious of the nerdy guy who was one of the four passengers who survived the airplane crash.  He thinks the pilot is a good guy.  Thumbs up to him.

Rob thinks the Nazi vampire is a lot more put together than the monster vampire.  Josh predicts what might happen in the next episode.  So F and Nora went to the coroner’s office and found all the bodies are missing.  They got the phone call from the French man that his daughter has come home so this is what they might be seeing in the next episode.  And they may end up chasing down their next best lead, Abraham.

Rob and Josh takes questions from the audience.  Josh thinks it seems there are different types of vampires with some more developed than the others.

Final thoughts:  Josh is happy with how the show is going so far.  The type of show that pumps you up and grosses you out a little bit.

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) will recap the 2nd episode of The Strain: “The Box”

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