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Put on your white suits and break out your red roses — and for heaven’s sake, please make sure you’re not being tailed — as we dig into the final episode of TRUE DETECTIVE season two!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward), Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) are back together one last time to discuss the season (and maybe even the series) finale of TRUE DETECTIVE, called “Omega Station.” In their final episode together, the trio of True Detectives discuss the following:

Bye Bye Bye: Why did Colin Farrell’s ex-mustached cop Ray Velcoro drive off toward certain doom? What was the purpose of gangster Frank Semyon pulling off his heist, if only to get stabbed and left for dead in the desert? Was the ending a letdown for Ani Bezzerides? And can someone explain the purpose of Paul? Josh, Antonio and Jeremiah dig into all the different endings for the show’s main characters, and their level of satisfaction.

Mean Machine: The three hosts talk about the deeply dark ending of TRUE DETECTIVE season two, what it says about writer Nic Pizzolatto’s mission statement, and what we’re supposed to take away from it all.

Is That It?: Will TRUE DETECTIVE return for a third season, or will the negative reaction to season two prevent HBO from returning to the crime anthology series? Josh, Antonio and Jeremiah have divided opinions on the issue.

How Did Alf End?: No spoilers here, but that’s just a tease of the weirdness you’re in store for with the final episode of Post Show Recaps’ TRUE DETECTIVE coverage. Let us know what you think of the podcast in the comments section below.

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