Twelve Monkeys Movie Podcast | A Time-Traveling Retrospective

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Podcast:

Stuck in a well? Waiting for a giant claw to pluck you out of your hammock? Buying time before your flight to Rio de Janeiro? Why not listen to some Twelve Monkeys talk!

After the second season of the SyFy series was recently announced, AJ Mass (@AJMass) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) got together to talk about the 1995 Terry Gilliam film that inspired it. The two take a deep dive into the movie (which Mike only saw for the first time in preparation for this podcast!), including Brad Pitt’s Oscar nominated role, the romance between Jim Cole and Dr. Railly, and the significance of the final scenes.

AJ has many more movies he’s ready to expose Mike to, much like a virus in an airport. If you like this podcast and want to hear more like it, let us know in the comments below!

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