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The Walking Dead Season 7 | The Road to Negan, Day 1: A Season 7 Preview

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) get ready the Season 7 premiere of the Walking Dead coming to AMC this Sunday, October 23rd, 2016.  On Day 1 of “The Road to Negan”, Rob and Josh discuss what is in store for Season 7, including why Rob has especially high hopes for the coming year of “The Walking Dead”.  Plus Rob and Josh discuss some of the characters and storylines that are happening outside of the reach of Negan’s baseball bat.

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Walking Dead Day One

Rob and Josh started off this episode expressing their excitement for the return of the Walking Dead. Josh has been going through tremendous anxiety thinking about the Walking Dead and is now relieved knowing that he can soon lay his anxiety to rest. Both Rob and Josh were also excited about the renewal of Walking Dead for season eight.

Season’s 6 Sorrows

Who was the victim of Negan’s bat last season? This is the question that Josh and Rob attempt to answer to start of the Day one preview. However, both of these hosts didn’t lose sleep over this cliffhanger due to their disappoint with the writing of the season. Josh urged these writers to re-introduce the suspense and unpredictability that has made the Walking Dead such a great season. Rob chimed in on how he has high hopes for this upcoming season. Josh, however, expressed how he has low expectations for this season but would gladly welcome a pleasant surprise.

Who’s Safe?

Rob and Josh discussed whom they believe who are safe from demise this season. Rob’s believes that his favorite, Carol was in a good place and safe from any fatal. Josh was interested to see how Carol’s storyline will develop in this season of the Walking Dead.

Walking Dead World

Josh commented on how the producers hinted how the world will open up more in the walking dead. With last season showing the saviors and seeing the hilltop, the producers said they planned to explore even more of the Walking Dead world. Josh didn’t want to give too much away to non comic book readers, but speculated that viewers will be in for a few exciting surprises.

Other Characters

Rob and Josh finished this preview discussing the rest of the characters they believe that are alive. Josh assumes that Morgan, Carol and Spencer are alive and well. Rob and Josh also listed Father Gabriel and Judith as other characters they believe who are alive.



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