Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 Midseason Finale Too Far Gone


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LIVE at 11 pm ET, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead’s Season 4, Episode 8: Too Far Gone. Rob and Josh recap what the Governor has in store for Rick and company on the final episode of The Walking Dead until the spring.

On this episode, Rob and Josh discuss the following:

  • What were the flaws in The Governor’s plan to overtake the prison from Rick and Company?
  • What’s next for Rick and company as they have to flee the jail?
  • Could Rick have prevented the disaster at the jail in any way?
  • What are all the pairings in which people left the prison?
  • Is baby Judith dead or alive?
  • Was the governor motivated by the safety of the prison or was he more motivated by his desire to get revenge on Rick, Michonne and company?
  • So what was Tyrese showing Rick about with the rats in the prison?
  • Why did everybody go along with The Governor’s crazy plan?
  • Why did the Governor kill Hershel instead of Michonne?
  • Why did the Governor have a leaky Winnebago?
  • Does this episode mean that Carl is likely to be a lunatic again next season?
  • Can “The Walking Dead” thrive without the Governor?

Hear all of these questions and much more as we break down the last Walking Dead episode of 2013.

Have theories about what is coming in the spring for “The Walking Dead”.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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