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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler answer a number of questions from this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “What Happened and What’s Going on”. Some of the questions answered in this episode include:

Rob and Josh, why did we spend so much time on the death of Tyrese, when we haven’t done that with previous characters?

I took last night’s episode as a 1st person look into what it’s like to turn into a walker thru Tyreese.

All of the people in Tyreese’s visions were shown as they had looked when they died. If that is the case, then would Karen have been all charred up? Maybe this is the reason why they didn’t show her. I doubt Tyreese would want to picture her all burned up.

who will be on baby sitting duty now that tyreese is gone?

Boy seems like any character that has embraced ideals of hope and humanity is sure to die. From Dale to Andrea to Hershel to Beth and finally to Tyrese. Who now in the group will inherit theses ideals of hid hope and humanity and is that person the next to go?

I thought the radio was playing the news during the zombie apocalypse and reporting about the gang that raided Noah’s neighborhood. I’m probably wrong but it doesn’t make sense to me that the entire block of people were killed and chopped up by other people for no reason. Unless they were already walkers and some guys just cleared them out in a weird way.

I still can’t get over this. A) This was the Tyrese that wades into a _horde_ of walkers and comes out alive– but somehow gets bit by two (!) walkers that just sneak up on him in that dead quiet house. B) So, Two years into this, knowing that death lurks around every corner and one mistake is all it takes, the Rick Grimes crew _still_ don’t know how to effectively clear a house of walkers? By now, they should have as strict and unwavering a protocol as any SWAT team. But No, Tyrese just strolls in, starts looking at pictures on the wall, and then… Oops!

Is there any intentional connection between so many people’s siblings dying? We not only had Beth, Maggie’s sister, and Tyrese, Sasha’s brother, die in back to back episodes but also the writers decided to give Noah a twin brother, who we see has died in this episode. Maybe unintentional, but I think it’s kind of interesting.

I know Noah is responsible for 2 deaths now but STILL he is not that bad of a character . I like him.

OMG! Leave Noah alone. It’s not his fault. You guys are sooo mean! 😉

If they will be getting to Washington DC by the end of the season, I’m wondering if they are looking at ending the show, given that there are definitely ways of ending it once we get there.

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