Wayward Pines | Episodes 3 & 4 Recap

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In this recap of Episodes 3 & 4 of FOX’s Wayward Pines, AJ Mass (@ajmass) is joined by the new sheriff in town, Curt Clark (@curtclark), as they answer the phone and report to whoever is in charge on the various goings-on in the sleepy Idaho town.  And we promise…Mike Bloom simply retired.  Nothing unfortunate happened.  Honest.
During their discussion, AJ and Curt cover not only Theresa and Ben Burke’s arrival to Wayward Pines and Ethan Burke’s ascent up the town’s career ladder, but they also chat about:
  • Our first glimpse into the structure behind Wayward Pines, from the special interest taken in Ethan’s future to the underground Monsters Inc-like warehouse that Ethan sneaks his way into
  • The Wayward Pines educational system, dedicated to shaping young minds through high fives, insider information and hypnotherapy
  • The on-going battle between Ethan and his antagonists, from the now-retired Sheriff Pope to Ethan’s new #1 nemesis, Nurse Pam
  • Ethan’s struggles with his new-found role, which comes with files on key figures in town, the responsibility to held the occasional Reckoning, and (we can only assume) plenty of ice cream
Join us in two weeks when AJ and Curt discuss Episodes 5 & 6 of Wayward Pines!

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