Welcome to Six Feed Under: A Six Feet Under Rewatch Podcast

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Welcome to Six Feed Under: A Six Feet Under Rewatch Podcast

Welcome to Six Feed Under! In this podcast series, Post Show Recaps revisits “Six Feet Under,” the critically acclaimed HBO TV series about the Fisher family, the funeral home they preside over, and the myriad themes of life and death the show contains. The series is now streaming on Netflix, so there’s no better time to rewatch or finally cross it off your to-watch list.

Six Feed Under comes your way from “The White Lotus” podcast hosts Doctor Amanda and Ariel, who are here to be your ghostly guides through the first season of “Six Feet Under.” You, the listener, bring the tissues; we, the hosts, will bring the shovels, as we dig deep into one of the best dramas of all time, now streaming on Netflix.

This week, Ariel and Amanda introduce the Six Feed Under podcast.

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