The Return of The X-Files| Most Shows Recapped Ep 17

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Josh Wigler, Antonio Mazzaro, Rob Cesternino and AJ Mass welcome back “The X-Files” after a long hiatus, and take a fresh look at FOX’s new miniseries today on ‘Most Shows Recapped.’

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“The X-Files Premiere Was Terrible, And I Still Loved It”


Fitz’s mission statement: “To provide a great mix between what they call ‘monster of the week’ episodes, and the overall mythology of the show, meticulously crafted for your quick binge pleasure.”

Pilot (S1)
Squeeze (S1)
Jersey Devil (S1)
Fallen Angel (S1)
E.B.E. (S1)
Tooms (S1)
The Erlenmeyer Flask (S1)
The Little Green Men (S2)
The Host (S2)
Duane Barry (S2)
Ascension (S2)
One Breath (S2)
End Game (S2)
Soft Light (S2)
Anasazi (S2)
The Blessing Way (S3)
The Paperclip (S3)
Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (S3)
731 (S3)
Piper Maru (S3)
Apocrypha (S3)
Jose Chung’s From Outer Space (S3)
Talitha Cumi (S3)
Herrenvolk (S4)
Home (S4)
Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (S4)
Paper Hearts (S4)
Tempus Fugit (S4)
Max (S4)
Small Potatoes (S4)
Gethsemane (S4)
Redux (S5)
Redux II (S5)
Unusual Suspects (S5)
Post Modern Prometheus (S5)
Bad Blood (S5)
Patient X (S5)
Red and the Black (S5)
The End (S5)
The Beginning (S6)
The Drive (S6)
Triangle (S6)
Dreamland 1 (S6)
Dreamland 2 (S6)
Two Fathers (S6)
One Son (S6)
Arcadia (S6)
The Unnatural (S6)
Millenium (S7)
Sein and Zeit (S7)
Closure (S7)
X-Cops (S7)
Hollywood A.D. (S7)
Requim (S7)
Within (S8)
Without (S8)
The Gift (S8)
Deadalive (S8)
Three Words (S8)
Essence (S8)
Existence (S8)
Nothing Important (S9)
Nothing Important 2 (S9)
Provenance (S9)
Providence (S9)
Jump the Shark (S9)
William (S9)
The Truth Parts 1 & 2 (S9)

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