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24 LIVE: A Look Back at 24 Season 1


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler being a weekly journey to look back at one season of 24 a week leading up until the premiere of 24: Live Another Day in May.  Rob and Josh get the ball rolling by starting with a recap of 24 Season 1.

Josh starts by recapping the events which begin Jack Bauer’s really bad day; it’s a gradual progression from seeing him as a normal dude to being a total superhero;.  Josh highlights what was s the best and worst part. Kiefer Sutherland delivers an iconic performance as Jack Bauer.

Turning to Jack’s family, Rob and Josh rehash some of the more unbelievable things that happen to Teri and Kim Bauer during the show.  Rob and Josh agree that the amnesia plot is THE WORST.  However, Kim’s day is awesome compared to the nightmare that is Day 2.

Rob asks Josh to discuss whether or not he felt like Nina Meyers being a mole was believable on rewatch.  Josh says that it held up for him because there are several looks that Nina gives which could be read a number of different ways.  Josh felt like she sold it.

Rob and Josh discuss the storyline of David Palmer and Rob thinks that Barack Obama capitalized on a lot of the goodwill that was built up by David Palmer.  Josh describes more about the motives of what Sherry Palmer was up to and what David Palmer actually knew about the man murdered by his son.

Josh gushes with his Tony Almeida appreciation.  In season 1 we chart his arc from being a total dope to being a total badass. Also, Cub’s mug. Also, soul patch.

Josh’s favorite Jack moments of the season were from the finale: Jack Bauer goes on overdrive mode and shoots up all of the Drazens singlehandedly, maybe the coolest thing he ever does on the show; the Nina Myers reveal

Join us next week for our Recap of 24 Season 2

  • jsizzlefresh

    Ah the fond memories. I’m glad you did this.

  • Kos

    I’m surprised you guys weren’t more on board with Teri’s death being a crucial part of the show’s success. Teri dying sets up a general theme for all 8 seasons: *anyone* can die at any time (though some are literally brought back from the dead as a ratings ploy). For me, that was a huge part of enjoying the show, as no one was ever safe. Jack is the only character to appear in all 8 seasons, which has to be some sort of television record.

    • Josh Wigler

      I’m a fan of the Teri death. I appreciate where you’re coming from with the “anyone can die” idea, too, but I think the show eventually got too liberal with that philosophy. Perhaps I’ll change my mind when I get there on the rewatch, but I don’t love season five the way some people do, precisely because of how trigger-happy it is.

      But you’re definitely right that Teri’s death signaled that no one on 24 is safe, except for Jack.

      • susan appleby

        I thought it was cheap and simply for shock value. The series has plenty of menace and random deaths. I feel the show was going to be a success based largely on Keifers performance without this twist. This set up my least favorite character- jacks incredibly annoying daughter who now doesn’t have a mother to keep her out of the way.

  • jsizzlefresh

    Concerning the Season 2 recap, I’d like to see you two discuss George Mason’s day. Did you like how they dealt with him during the season? What was his legacy on the show? I have yet to re-watch season 2, but I do recall being a Mason fan during it.

    • Josh Wigler

      I was very happy to hear that Rob is a George Mason man. One of my favorite characters, too. We’ll have lots to talk about here!

  • Eart

    Awesome podcast. On the old-school 24 fan sites and bulletin boards, the official term for when Kim gets kidnapped is “Kimnapped” (and it happens about a thousand times).

  • StephenDrabek

    Thank you guys for doing this. I love 24, second only to Lost. Regarding Kim and the cougar for season 2, I feel like it’s been overblown by people over the years. People cite it as one of the worst “sub-plots” of the show, and yet, if I remember correctly, she just sees a cougar standing on a rock and they stare each other down for a few seconds and then it just disappears. It barely even qualifies as a scene, let alone a sub-plot, so I find it odd that people regularly cite it alongside the amnesia. Why do you think it has taken on this new life?

  • Swamp Fox

    Love that you’re doing this. I’m a big 24 fan who has rewatched all the seasons on Netflix in recent years. Even though I’d seen them before, I think I enjoyed them more the second time. 24’s format is ideal for binge-watching. I think this is another area where 24 was ahead of its time, and I wonder if 24: Live Another Day will be hurt by having to wait a week between hours/episodes. What do you think? Is this something you can discuss on the podcast? Thanks!

  • replaybb718

    CTU actually stands for Counter Terrorist Unit

  • I love the Cubs mug so damn much.