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Arrow, The Flash, And More Superheroes | Most Shows Recapped Ep 5

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Most Shows Recapped listeners! We have failed this podcast… by not talking about ARROW sooner!

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino), Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) call upon the services of Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) of the Post Show Recaps DAREDEVIL and AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON podcasts to catch up on all the superhero shenanigans currently happening all over television.

The free-ranging conversation will cover ARROW, THE FLASH, GOTHAM, AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel’s Netflix output (including JESSICA JONES) and much more. Leave any and all questions and comments in the space below.

  • Dan C

    Haters keep hating. Agents of Shield has only gotten better. Season 3 is off to a great start. If you’re still using the argument from 2 years ago that the show sucks because Chris Evans isn’t showing up then you need to get over yourself. Besides, his character is a little busy trying to find the Winter Soldier. The tie-ins to movie verse have only been a PLUS. How often to see TV and film working this hand in hand? The show directly lead into Ultron with Coulson telling Maria Hill to get the Avengers to go after von Structor. The 2 Sif episodes were fun. The first episode this season gave hints to lead into Civil War. The characters have gotten more developed. Shout out to the guy playing Fitz who has really come a long way as a actor.

    The last third of Gotham season 1 was a hot mess. They had a good thing going this season with the Joker but they blew it by killing him off. I may give up the show.

    I thought Agent Carter was okay. I didn’t find any characters interesting besides the lead.

    Looking forward to Jessica Jones.

  • ryan

    Agents of Shield is a solid show. It not bad like early season 1. I look forward to watching the episodes.

  • Anna

    I’m not a superhero/comic book fan by any means, but it surprises me that The Flash is so popular among fans as I feel like it’s the least “comic book-y” of all the shows. It is very light and as Rob pointed out, very CW. I felt like I was just watching a regular teen drama (esp. with all the relationship drama). Not that any of this is a bad thing, necessarily. I’m a big Teen Wolf fan and this show really reminded me of that, where there are supernatural elements in a very high school world (though TW seems much more aware of itself than The Flash does). So I enjoy these shows because they’re easy to get into and understand even without any prior knowledge, but it kind of suprises me to hear that hardcore superhero fans even feel the same way

    • Charles Bikle

      The show gets a little CW-y at times, but I think The Flash gets a lot of fanboy good will from the tremendous amount of DC Comics-related Easter eggs that they have on the show (just into the first 5 episodes and there have been subtle references to Green Lantern, Batman, the Doom Patrol, Blue Devil, Firestorm, Metamorpho and more that I’m sure I missed).

      Not a fan of Berlanti’s work, but the guy knows his comics and the fans see and appreciate that.

      That’s my theory anyway.

      • Anna

        That’s really interesting because I would have never caught that, let alone know what the references were to. I guess that’s a testament to how well the show manages to engage the DC fans without alienating the regular CW audience.

        • Charles Bikle

          On the flip side of this, Agents Of SHIELD seems pretty popular with non-comics readers, but many Marvel fans HATE the show, not just for bad writing & directing, but for the fact that the show is so disconnected from the comics (for complicated legal & strategic reasons, AoS is mostly limited to referencing characters & events from the existing Marvel Studios movies and, personally, I don’t think the showrunners are really that familiar with Marvel Comics).

          If you’re wondering why you’re seeing all this * “Inhumans” stuff on AoS, it’s because Marvel Studios isn’t allowed to reference/use the X-Men or even the term “mutant”, because those rights are currently held at FOX, who Marvel Studios is currently engaged into a cold war with).

          * The Inhumans are similar to the X-Men, so Marvel is building them up to serve that role in their cinematic universe.

  • Beefcake

    I think there’s something wacky with my computer and I somehow got a podcast from Earth-2. Did I seriously hear people claim The Flash is the best of the comic book shows? You must be getting a video-feed from some alternate reality that none of the rest of us are seeing.

    The Flash is a pretty show, but it’s got no substance. I’ll grant that they are doing some really cool SFX, but for those of us looking for a show that tells a compelling story, it’s got little to offer. It’s basically a villain-of-the-week show with a huge dose of Dawson’s Creek. The characters range from boring to unbelievable to rage-inducing (I’m looking at you, Iris!!! GAH!!!). It’s fun eye candy, but not much more.

    Arrow S1 was great and S2 was even better. It was dark and brutal and complex, something we hadn’t seen before — until Daredevil did the same thing much, much better. S3 and S4 have been okay, but it’s getting too soap opera-ish for my taste. (Felicity was cute for a while; now she’s just annoying and I keep hoping she gets killed.)

    Supergirl looks like a massive trainwreck, so it will probably be a huge hit. I’m not feeling the godlike-alien-with-superpowers-who-could-literally-destroy-the-planet as an insecure, awkward nerd-girl being terrorized by mean girls. It looks like it’s trying to copy the premise of Buffy, which would have been really cool —— TWENTY YEARS AGO!!! Blech.

    Gotham was hit-and-miss in its first season, probably because they didn’t plan on making so many episodes. But season 2 has been phenomenol so far. It is probably my favorite show on television right now. And who would’ve guessed that Barbara would become everyone’s favorite character in S2? Seriously. WHO??

    Agents of SHIELD is one of the few shows that has steadily improved. S1 was slow, but in retrospect we know that was because it was building up to the tie-in with The Winter Soldier. For those of us watching the show in real time, seeing The Winter Soldier opening weekend and then seeing the ramifications of the destruction of SHIELD play out on AoS on Tuesday was one of the most amazing moments in television history. So far, S3 has been extremely good. The show seems to have found its pace and us fanboys are having fun looking for all the little hints of what’s coming next in the MCU. Inhumans and Kree? WTF could any fanboy want???

    And it’s not even fair to put Daredevil in this list because it’s so much better than all the other comic book shows. As someone (Antonio?) said, it’s an actually good TV show, not just a good superhero show. And the trailers from Jessica Jones make it look like Marvel/Netflix is going to up the ante even higher. We truly live in a blessed age.

    The correct power rankings are:


    ***BIG GAP***

    Agents of Shield

    ***BIGGER GAP***


  • For anyone ready to give up on Gotham that hasn’t started season 2 yet, just hold off a little while longer. I didn’t intend to carry on with it after the second half of season 1, but it falls on my nightly viewing rotation that doesn’t have heaps on it so I stuck with it.

    The Rise of the Villains theme of this season is far more interesting than the Law & Order:Gotham of last season. So far every episode of season 2 has been good. Again the worry will be if they can keep this going for another 15-18 episodes though.

    • Charles Bikle

      It really is a good show, although season 2 is definitely off to a rough start – maybe a little too over-the-top in some stories and they really, really seemed to have a hard time figuring out what to do with some of the characters (especially Fysh Mooney & Barbara Keene – but they have seemed to figure out how to best use them).

      Somebody on the podcast described Gotham City as the main villain/character and I think that’s kind of the idea – like Nolan’s version in his Batman movies, Gotham City is a perfect storm of corruption – a hybrid of Capone’s mob-controlled 1920’s Chicago and the rampant NYPD corruption in the 70’s that we saw in the movie, Serpico.

      Gotham has an unusual framework that allows for many types of genre or subgenre stories, all overlapping with each other.

  • Charles Bikle

    Marvel Studios were not really happy with the Agents Of SHIELD series…

    This all ties in with behind-the-scenes executive maneuvering going on with Marvel Studios & Disney.

    Basically, there’s NOW a rift between the TV and movie divisions of Marvel Studios, so you can probably expect even less overlap between the 2 sides.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    This is great !! Can’t wait to listen to this when I have caught up on all these shows as I love them all….and are still behind on most of them… LOL

    btw since Maisie Williams has appeared on Doctor Who this season….will you guys consider doing a MSRecap on Doctor Who soon?? I’d listen to that podcast too. I’m not entirely a DW fan….but definitely a Maisie Fan though….can’t wait to see how she does on the show! 😀

  • ryan

    Also surprised to hear you’d rank them Flash/Arrow/Daredevil. To me its Daredevil then either Flash or Arrow.

    Daredevil = GOT

    Arrow/Flash = TWD

    Not saying either = GOT, TWD just out of the 3 shows the gap in quality is there. Don’t get me wrong Arrow/Flash are really good but Daredevil on a different level.

    • ryan

      About Supergirl I haven’t watched yet but know it leaked a long time ago but I heard from people who have not to be worried based on the terrible trailer.

  • Craig

    As a person who doesn’t read the comics, but is a big tv fan, I feel like my opinion is going to greatly differ from everyone else who does read the comments. I have to say this ahead of time to prepare for the hate. I’ll try not to be too long, because it’s like 3 in the morning right now.

    Arrow: I enjoy it, but I do have to say the show has fallen off a bit. They are spending way too much time on the Olicity relationship, and I liked it better when they were facing non-meta’s. Leave the meta stuff to Flash.

    The Flash: I like The Flash. They have made the show really entertaining, and even though it doesn’t seem special, or different from Arrow, they have made it different by giving it a lighter feel, and a more rounded cast. I must say though, the problem this season with Flash and Arrow is that they have to spend so much of this season preparing for Legends of Tomorrow, considering the entire cast for that show consists mostly of people who have died on the other two shows.

    Gotham: Gotham annoys the crap out of me. James Gordon should be dead 100 times by now, but weather the person is a great shot, or has him in perfect position, no one ever kills him. I thought this wasn’t the Batman show from the 1960’s. The second season I must say is better then the first, which was just a crime of the week type format. I also hated that fake Joker thing because I knew they were going to do that the moment they made the reveal at the end of his first appearance. I mean it guessed it entirely right, so that kind of annoyed me. I would disagree with Beefcake though on Barbara being the best character. She is still terrible to me. How she became what she became seemingly out of nowhere still baffles me.

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Has to be the worst adaptation on tv today. They made this show to be a companion show to the movies, only to find out 4 episodes into filming that one of the movies was going to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D in Captain America Winter Soldier. This show would have been so much better had they killed Agent Ward in that first season. I mean a show that introduces a character as a main lead hero in the first season, only to have him be evil and kill him by the end. That would have been like something I have never seen before. Now the show has no energy, and it just comes off like a cheap knock-off of a comic book show. This whole “were chasing inhumans because we can’t call them X-Men” story is so boring. I don’t even know why I keep watching this show to be honest.

    Daredevil: I only watched about 5 episodes of this. It just didn’t grab me. I don’t know why. It just feels like nothing special.

    As for my ratings, I think it would have to pick…

    1. Flash
    2. Arrow

    Wide gap

    3. Gotham

    Wider Gap

    4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
    5. Daredevil.