Seinfeld, The Post Show Recap: “The Stakeout”

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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur recap the second episode of Seinfeld to ever air, “The Stakeout” which originally aired on May 31, 1990. Rob and Akiva recap many of the interesting developments from the episode including:

  • How does the debut of the Elaine character affect the dynamics of the show?
  • What are the key differences between Elaine’s character and the version of Elaine that Julia Louis-Dreyfus would play in the future seasons of the show?
  • What has changed between the pilot episode and the first episode to air in 1990?
  • How does Jerry’s inner-monologue work in this episode?
  • How does the first mention of George’s wanting to be an architect and Art Vandelay play out in this episode?
  • What do Rob and Akiva make of the impostor who is playing Morty Seinfeld in this episode?
  • How has the pornography video business changed since 1990?
  • Should Jerry have had to apologize for not bringing a gift to Pamela’s birthday party?
  • Who is hotter, Elaine or Loni Anderson?
  • Is it better to be in a platonic or riconic relationship?
  • Why did Jerry’s family all need to meet up at his house before the wedding?
  • Are words from the urban dictionary fair play in a game of Scrabble?
  • Should anybody want to read the biography being authored by Jerry’s uncle, Mack?
  • What happened to these family members of Jerry over the rest of the series?

Be sure to join Rob and Akiva next week when we recap Seinfeld season 1, episode 3: “The Robbery.”

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Seinfeld Season 1, Episode 2 Recap: The Stakeout

Seinfeld Season 1, Episode 2 Recap: “The Stakeout”

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  • Rob Alden

    Just watched all of season 1 through that link. New Seinfeld fan!

  • Robert Penner

    Quone ALL the things!

  • Megan Z

    True story I heard on the news once:

    A boyfriend had to write his girlfriend a check to payback his portion of the rent.
    In the memo he wrote “For Sex” to be cute. Well, somewhere along the way the
    check went into the wrong hands and the cops showed up to question the woman if she was involved in a prostitution ring. It’s all fun and games till someone
    gets arrested….

  • CaveChicken

    About that part in the video store, where the old ladies walk past, saying, “when you’re dead you’re dead, you’re not going anywhere”. That’s a reference to a joke in the 1st epidose.

    When George and Jerry are doing laundry and Jerry tells George, “once you die, you’re dead. let’s say you drop dead and I shot you, you’re not gonna die again, you’re already dead, you can’t over die, you can’t over dry”.

    I would have never picked up on that had I not watched both episodes back to back and listened to this podcast.

    • homertownie

      I thought it was a reference to “Cocoon II, the Return”, the movie that Elaine mentioned in the episode.

  • Paolo S.

    Akiva bringing the heat this episode! Great recap and definitely includes analysis of Seinfeld i’ve never stopped to think about such as the transformation of Elaine’s character over the series to the relationship between her and Jerry. Worlds are colliding.. RHAP + Seinfeld.. the quoneness of this is killing me!

  • Suzi!

    This is so perfect since I just watched the episode. PLEASE keep it up!

    • cburger

      We’re less than one week away from THE SUMMER OF QUONE!

  • Suzi!

    Best line imo was when Jerry asks his mom what Vanessa sounded like on the phone and she says “Who am I, Rich Little?” I wonder who wrote that lol.

  • Suzi!

    I don’t know if it’s “quon” or “quone”, so I put “quon” fyi

  • Amanda

    LOVE these recaps!

  • cburger

    I am siding with Rob on the Lee Garlington debate. You can call her a cipher or a quone, but she was not a show-wrecker. One scene is one scene, Akiva!

  • Snuffeldjuret

    I think it was legit for Elaine to complain about Jerry’s “rude” behavior during the dinner. The deal was, if I understand it correctly, that Jerry should entertain Elaine during the dreaded dinner while Elaine should entertain Jerry on his dreaded wedding attendance. So instead of them being bored alone they would have fun together, except Jerry ditched her during the dinner.

  • homertownie

    When a hospital is doing experiments on a “pig-man”, one of the things they do is to “quone” the pig man.

  • Dominique

    The one character who they got just right from the start is George. From the pilot episode in the cafe, to waiting in the lobby – the way George acts, his mannerisms & outlook ( the ‘opposite’ discussion ) – Jason Alexander is ‘George’. They didn’t have to change / alter / develop the character at all.

    Looking forward to The Robbery. One of my all-time favorite moments in Seinfeld is when George comes into the apartment and Jerry asks him how he got it. I still mimic George’s reaction to this day when someone asks me the same thing.

    Love these podacsts – thanks Rob & Akiva

  • Ryan Alexander

    I’m really enjoying these. Just one more excuse for me to not focus on family or my career. Here’s to the full 180. Or a “180” podcast (how have you not done this yet?).

  • Shawn LeBlanc

    Love these Seinfeld recaps. Gave me a reason to dust off my DVD collection and revisit them. I hope the response is positive enough that you recaps of the entire series.

  • Thomas Mullaney

    As a medical student, I may have had to #quone a difficult patient or two. Great podcast guys!

  • Scott Chupack

    Love the new Seinfeld podcast. I think you guys are doing it just right. What should we mail to the Powers That Be at Post Show Recaps to make sure your series gets renewed? Drakes coffee cakes? Black and White Cookies? Junior Mints?

  • Ronda Mansfield

    The next time I write a check, I’m going to write “quone” in the memo section.

  • zeldaron

    Hi Rob Loyal Survivor podcast listener since you started – didn’t realise you were doing Seinfeld until today – would love to re watch all eps and listen to the podcasts! Being a little older I watched them all first run and still love them, seeing them back from start to end is really interesting- especially the first few seasons as they don’t often replay them. If you catch a rewind ep its generally from season 4 on and ones that you have seen many times so these earlier eps are great. If you do all the eps I’ll play along as well – thanks for the link its great!

  • zeldaron

    BTW I could go to ATM’s in 1986 when I lived in New Zealand – totally remember that as it was brand new. In fact I mostly did ATM’s/ EFT POS until I moved to USA in 1992 and it was all needing cheques as I never needed a cheque until then and never had a cheque book.

  • Hornacek

    I think the reason the name Art Vandelay managed to get back from Vanessa to Pamela to Elaine (and to Jerry’s mom) was because Vanessa immediately saw through Jerry’s subterfuge and knew that he was lying about meeting a friend for lunch. Jerry could tell he had been caught and said “How do you feel about dating immature men?” When she talked to Pamela she probably said “Do you remember Elaine’s friend Jerry from the party? Do you know what he did? He staked out the lobby where I worked so he could run into me. He even made up a fake friend that he said he was meeting there – ‘Art Vandelay’.” Either Pamela thought it was funny or was worried because she thought Jerry and Elaine were still a couple, so either way she told Elaine – in either situation she would have given the name to either highlight Jerry’s ridiculousness or his sneaking around behind her back.

  • Hornacek

    This is also the first time Jerry is interested in a woman but doesn’t know her name. Only this time when he introduces George to her it results in her revealing her name, unlike with Mulva.