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The Road to Negan, Day 3 | Glenn & Maggie

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The Walking Dead Season 7 | The Road to Negan, Day 3: Glenn & Maggie

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) get ready the Season 7 premiere of the Walking Dead coming to AMC this Sunday, October 23rd, 2016.  On Day 1 of “The Road to Negan”, Rob and Josh discuss what is in store for Season 7, including why Rob has especially high hopes for the coming year of “The Walking Dead”.  Plus Rob and Josh discuss some of the characters and storylines that are happening outside of the reach of Negan’s baseball bat.

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Day 1 – Monday: Season 7 Preview

Day 2 –  Tuesday: Rick Grimes, Carl and Michonne

Day 3 – Wednesday: Glenn and Maggie

Day 4 –  Thursday: Daryl Dixon and Rosita

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  • Asher Forrester

    I also think killing Glenn at this point would be a safe choice and really predictable, since the Dumpster Gate Shenanigans & this extremely long cliffhanger trolling they came up with, everyone is now expecting it to happen…not only will we all see it coming but it will also be really depressing to see it unfold.

    The only unpredictable deaths (which I don’t see the show having the guts to pull off) are – Rick, Carl, Maggie, Michonne….and maybe Daryl who is the only other character I can see getting Lucilled besides Glenn.

    Personally, I’d love for them to shock us all with a Carl or Maggie death….but that’s just wishful thinking on a show like TWD! xDDD

  • Beefcake