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The Road to Negan, Day 4 | Daryl & Rosita

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The Walking Dead Season 7 | The Road to Negan, Day 4: Daryl & Rosita

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) get ready the Season 7 premiere of the Walking Dead coming to AMC this Sunday, October 23rd, 2016.

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Day 4 –  Thursday: Daryl Dixon and Rosita

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  • Beefcake

    Neither Maggie nor Rosita can die because this show is already seriously lacking in eye candy.



    • sunny

      i don’t want maggie to die but i’m really hoping she miscarries (which is a terrible thing to wish for), there CAN’T be another baby to look after in the zombie apocalypse!

      • TrentC

        Carl can’t keep an eye on both babies…..

        • sunny

          that’s true, he really can’t XD

  • Asher Forrester


    #IfDarylDiesWeRejoice (with all due respect to fan favorite Daryl Dixon) xD

  • TrentC

    I think the POV shot from the van and then facing Neegan is a ruse for the eagle-eyed screenshotting fans. Either Abraham or Eugene will be the target/victim.

    Some other thoughts…I may be the only fan who doesn’t mind the season ending cliffhanger. After all, a main character is getting killed and removed from the show. Sure it’s jarring to see a main character get whacked on episode three, but this death is a pretty big deal, both in emotional response and everything going forward for the remaining characters.

    Negan is being kind. Rick’s group killed how many people as a preemptive strike as they slept? 15…25? And now Negan is only going to kill one member of Rick’s group as retribution. And really, Negan should be taking out Rick as he recognized him as the leader of the Alexandria people.

    Rob and Josh were speaking about Daryl vs Rick in terms of bad assery? I think Rick eclipsed the field when he chewed that guy to death. One of the best scenes from the show in my opinion.

    Maggie reminds me of Amanda Kimmel so she can’t die.