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The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Recap | The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be


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The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Recap Podcast | Who Did Negan Kill?

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) get ready the Season 7 premiere of the Walking Dead coming to AMC this Sunday, October 23rd, 2016.

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Negan’s Wrath

Rob and Josh started off discussing this controversial Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, reeling from the revelation of the cliffhanger. Rob enjoyed the suspenseful tone that the premiere episode had, believing that it has finally gone back to its true genre of horror. Rob further elaborated that he didn’t mind the graphic nature of the episode, because it was something eventful that happened in the series, that hasn’t happened in a while. Josh agreed with Rob, believing that viewers signed up for it when they tune into the Walking Dead. Josh went on to say the Walking Dead is the never-ending zombie film and that there would eventually be these horror film troupes.

However, Josh still wondered if the cliffhanger was worth the anticipation. Josh was wondering if the episode should’ve devoted twenty minutes before answering the cliffhanger. The death scenes of Glenn and Abraham also seemed too stretched out for Josh. Overall, Josh’s main complaint with this episode wasn’t so much with the content, but the amount of time it took for the scenes. Rob agreed, wondering how far back the death scenes of Glenn and Abraham were planned. Josh applauded the Walking Dead’s choice of killing of Glenn and Abraham, elaborating that the show needed to show that it was consequential and that the death of these two characters were just that. However, Josh speculated that this decision was made in the offseason, which is disappointing to him.

Rob went on to say that he believed that the scene had more of an impact that Glenn was killed rather than Abraham. Josh interjected, feeling that Abraham was merely an after thought in the scene. While Abraham’s death is still applauded by Josh, he felt that Glenn’s death alone would’ve sufficed for an emotional scene.

Show Vs. Comics

Rob asked Josh to elaborate on his thoughts about the tone of the Season 7 premiere, to which Josh mentioned how elements in the show differ from the comics. Deaths on the Walking Dead seem to be the major difference from the comics and the show, according to Josh. However, in this season 7 premiere, Josh felt that Glenn’s death came close to accurately portraying how death is depicted in the comics. Josh then elaborated that Glenn’s death received the “remix” treatment but it came the closest to the comics in terms of Glenn’s final words.

Dream Sequence

Rob was confused about the dream sequence on the Walking Dead and wondered what significance it held in the episode. Josh speculates that it was because of Rick being psychologically broken that he envisions the dinner he wanted to have. Rob wondered where were Hershel or Dale in this dream sequence and if they were invited to the dinner.


Carl’s Arm

Was Rick going to cut Carol’s arm off? Josh thought that the writers weren’t going to cut of Carol’s arm. Josh felt that with Rick being so psychologically tortured already, this dilemma was something that wasn’t needed for Rick’s character. Josh explained he also felt safe that the Carl wasn’t going to lose his arm because of the budgets and special effects. Later on, Rob and Josh answer email questions about this controversial premiere.


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  • Adam Bradford

    HOLY CRAP!!!

  • Coach

    Is this the worst thing that TWD will show? Can it get worse?

    • Adam Bradford

      What do you mean?

      • Coach

        The brutality of the killings.

        • Adam Bradford

          I hear ya, can’t get much more brutal. Maybe if they do an NC-17 rated version of something for a DVD release.

    • If they follow the comics, then “on-panel” deaths (not talking about things that happen to people off panel or during a fight, but rather sheer brutality happening to someone) then yes, this is the worst.

  • Emily Stobs

    Is it just me or did you feel more emotional during Glenn’s supposed death during dumpster gate? Although I was really upset to see Glenn go out like he did in the comic, I felt a lot more emotional when I thought he was for sure dead in Dumpstergate.

    • Adam Bradford

      I was more emotional with this death. I have to admit, I was not expecting it after Abraham died. I thought maybe Daryl might get his hand chopped off or something. But to see Glenn get hit and his eye popping out as he’s trying to talk to Maggie, was truly gut wrenching.

    • That certainly was much more of a surprise!

    • TrentC

      I unfortunately googled the comic book sequence where Glenn died and was disappointed to see how close the TV show followed the progression. My bad for peeking, but it would have been nice if they went ‘offbook’ in that instance and killed someone else.

      The dumpstergate scene was so visceral (in my humble opinion) because Glenn was trying to help an unlikable character, the character ends up putting Glenn in mortal jeopardy, and the scene itself with Glenn screaming as walkers appeared to be chewing into his chest was intense as he seemed so helpless.

      The baseball bat scene with Glenn was rather short comparatively and we had already watched Abraham take a longer, face up beating while Negan made his creepy, joking comments. Glenn seemed like a small, helpless puppy dog with one quick heartbreaking line to Maggie (or attempt at speaking..), then it was Negan beating his corpse.

      I wish I would have never listened to the internet about the Glenn theory and then subsequently googled the comic. It removed a lot of the impact of the reveal for me.

  • Adam Bradford

    After seeing how it all played out, I personally think they should have showed Abraham dying at the end of last season then came back and showed Glenn dying this episode. It still would have been surprising and emotionally effective, but then so many people wouldn’t have been so butt hurt by not seeing someone die at the end of last season.

  • Jonathan Schwartz

    Do you guys think that they should have showed Abraham getting killed in last season’s finale instead of making it a cliffhanger? Feel like since Glenn was more of a fan favorite, Abraham’s death will probably be glossed over a little bit. Also, it would’ve made Glenn’s death that much more impactful because we would’ve spent the entire summer believing that Glenn was in the clear.

    • Adam Bradford

      I agree with you, then people wouldn’t have been so upset that they didn’t show a/the death in the season finale and we would have had the same emotional impact tonight.

    • Christian Fox ‘Mole’

      I don’t at all. Let me say, I was pissed after last seasons finale. I thought there was no way they could get the tension from that intro scene to Neegan. I think I was wrong. I’ve never been more excited for an episode than I was this week, and I was upset at seeing Abe die. And his little peace sign to Sasha tugged at me. But then I thought everyone else was relatively safe from that point on. Seeing him then kill Glenn honestly provided a shock and gasp for me. It’s hard to explain, but I think it was worth having this great episode

  • Adam Bradford

    Absolutely love that they’re having the Talking Dead live outside in LA and it’s pouring on them!

  • Wesley”Walker”

    Holy shite, I need counseling…. Watching this show really makes the putrid taste of FTWD go away…

  • Derreck Blaise

    Great episode. Tons of emotional impact and in my opinion in the running for best of the series. Jonathan and Adam, I Completely agree with the comments on Abraham. Wish they would have handled that differently

  • TrentC

    Whew, what an episode. The ol one/two punch really got me. I thought at one point after they showed Abraham’s death – that wasn’t so bad. We waited a year for this? Then part two happened.

    Kudos to the writing team. That episode has to be one of the fiercest moments of TV I’ve watched.

    • Wesley”Walker”

      My thoughts too Trent… At first I was like there gonna yada yada the death. Then we see poor Abe bashed and I was like damn, but still kind of like, well we can move on. Then Daryl punched jdm and I was like oh shit… And watching Glenn was like omg….

      I’m not sure if they had filmed this before cliffhanger, but if they didn’t, I gotta give props to show. They heard the disgust of fans and said we better get back to our roots…. After enduring the cliffhanger, and FTWD, I feel so much better… And Rob is spot on…. I like how he enjoyed show and was critical of talking dead. Felt the same way…. Wtf is up with Wigler ? He wasn’t crazy about show…. I mean I thought he Was more critical of it than he was of FTWD ….

      • TrentC

        Agreed. I usually have the same viewpoint as Josh on most things. Not sure why he he didn’t care for some aspects of the show. I’ll have to go back and listen to the podcast again. I thought the did a good job following up the cliffhanger and the dual reveal. No punches were pulled.

        And you brought up Fear The Walking Dead…heh heh heh. One episode of TWD is better than two seasons of FTWD…Kinda cleanses the palate so to speak 🙂


    Such garbage TV.

    I think that could have been Carl’s Emmy episode if he had lost the arm.

  • Morty

    Totally agree with Rob about the tone of The Talking Dead, there were moments when I was afraid my eyes would roll out of my head…worse than Glenn even!

    Also, I don’t know how many people noticed that at the end as the Saviors were walking away, one lagged behind just for a second taking a polaroid of one of the bodies. That harkens back to when Glenn was checking out the polaroids of what now were clearly Lucille’s victims on the wall of the radar station. It appears now as if he was looking at his own end!

    • TrentC

      Not to mention the zombie who stopped for a brain refill at one of the spots where Abraham and Glenn died. I think Rick was looking into the rearview mirror watching. The writers just had to add that last kick in the guts at the end of the episode.

  • Craig

    Ok, this episode earned back about 80-95% of the good will they had before the cliffhanger.

    When they got to the opening and we didn’t see who got bludgeoned before Rick was dragged onto the trailer, I think I actually yelled out something like “You motherf**kers! I knew you were going to pull this s**t! The MADtv sketch was so accurate!” I got madder when we were seeing the flashbacks of their faces, but when the moment happened it delivered. I do wonder though if they decided to kill Abraham after the cliffhanger got such a bad reception, and added the Glenn thing afterwards?

    As much as this episode was good, I didn’t like the whole trailer scene. Considering it didn’t really do what Negan wanted, it just seemed like an excuse to fill time. I did like Andrew Lincoln’s performance though. He played the transition from angry to broken so well, gradually decreasing his anger and strength into a puddling mess.

    JDM is proving that he is going to be putting in a tour de force acting job this season. If he continues to play the character like he is, I think Walking Dead could have it’s first acting Emmy nomination.

    I think Darryl is going to be a changed person after this. He’s been taken by The Saviors, and they have laid Glenn’s death on his actions.

    The episode did what it needed to do, but it still has some way to go to earn back my respect after Dumpstergate and the Cliffhanger. It’s on the right track though.

    • Morty

      The producers said on Talking Dead that the episode killings had been planned for quite awhile. I can’t say for sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they filmed this episode immediately after the season finale and that it’s been boxed up and ready to show ever since. That would ensure everyone’s appearance remains the same as well as the sets, plus the momentum of the everyone’s “energy,” for lack of a better term.

  • James Griffin

    I went back and watched the season six finale, “Last Day on Earth”, and
    then watched the season seven premier, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t
    Be”. Watching the episodes back to back, made for a nice story arc, in
    my opinion.

  • Wild_Orchid

    Speak for yourself Josh. I found Abraham’s death to be far more impactful than Glenn’s. I was actually one of the suckers that fell for dumpster-gate so I think I already mourned Glenn’s loss therefore I wasn’t nearly as emotionally wrecked as I would have been otherwise.

    Also Josh I think you were way way too hard on tonight’s episode.

  • Beefcake


    Sad that Caaaarl didn’t get hacked up, but happy that Glenn is finally dead!!!

  • Wild_Orchid

    Speak for yourself Josh. I found Abraham’s death to be far more impactful than Glenn’s. I was actually one of the suckers that fell for dumpster-gate so I think I already mourned Glenn’s loss therefore I wasn’t nearly as emotionally wrecked as I would have been otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, it was certainly sad but it didn’t pack nearly as big a punch as it could have.

    Also Josh I think you were way way too hard on tonight’s episode.

  • At least the Red Wedding was fairly short, like ripping a band-aid off. This felt more like slow torture for an hour. It really honestly left me questioning whether this was good tv or not. I’m all for hitting the emotional spots, but do I really want to be depressed while I watch something? Phwew man I need to do some soul searching about my future with this show.

    • Andiamo

      I started getting angry that the Glenn scene dragged on as long as it did. It felt really manipulative to make us watch him struggle with brain damage. I think they went over the top to make up for the emotional impact that they lost by fooling us with the dumpster fiasco.

      I get that they wanted to make us feel anger, fear, heartbreak, etc. so we could understand why Rick finally broke. But at this point I’m pretty over Rick, and I really hope this entire season isn’t about his emotional state. The only light was that it didn’t break Maggie, so I guess they’re gearing up for her being the new leader, which is far more interesting to me.


      There was no story whatsoever.

      They dragged out something that could have been an intense 10 minutes into 30 w the stupid Rick deviation.

      Was Maggie to sick to care when Glenn got whacked?
      I would have thought she would be inconsolably hysterical.

      • Yes, i agree. The comparison only coming to mind as I would say the Red Wedding and the Lucille Line Up are the respective shows biggest gut wrenching events to date. One show used terrific storytelling leading up to it, during it, and after it. The other show trolls their fans repeatedly and then drags their emotions out extensively for zero story progression.

    • aardvarkratnik

      Yeah they went way over the line with this, as much as I enjoyed Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s performance it just really bugs me that a network that is so prudish about sexual content and nudity is still jus a-ok with prolonged sadistic violence like that.

  • Ryan Jayden

    I wanted it to be Daryl.


    The tone of the Talkin Dead is 100% unintentional comedy.

    Are they that self-serious?

    Give me a break.

    • TrentC

      I just watched it and agree with Rob. It’s one thing to say goodbye to beloved characters, quite another for an hour and half funeral dirge treating it like the actors actually got killed.


        hopefully no one tore a rotator cuff patting themselves on the back

  • John Santucci

    Do you think the title of this episode was shortened? I’m thinking it was really “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be (Carrying Your Rocket Launcher)” and they left off the part in parentheses. When it comes to the Saviors, you really don’t want to leave home without it. It’s the mortal enemy, the kryptonite, if you will, of The Saviors.

  • Rouleauville

    I agreed 100% with Rob’s viewpoint / take-away from this episode, this was a really good episode. Scares, conflict with humans, zombie action around the RV – not knowing what’s going to happen next.

    And they obviously filmed most of this episode at the same time as the S6 finale – they weren’t making up the story / deciding who would get Lucille’d in the off season. That’s why the cast said last season’s finale was so tough to film.

    As for the 2 deaths – having them both in the same episode and so soon together was the big shocker. We knew already one of the characters was going to die, so when it was Abraham first the reaction was ‘okay – now we know’. But adding Glenn to the carnage was what made my jaw drop. Splitting the two deaths between the S6 finale and the S7 premiere wouldn’t have had the same impact.

    And as for ‘dragging it out’ – there might have been a bit of that (Rick having 2 second flashback of each of his group leading up the Abraham reveal). But the wait didn’t bother me at all. I thought the episode built up the tension nicely all the way through until near the end, And for the majority of the audience who hadn’t thought about TWD for the past few months until Sunday – it was a good ‘refresher’ to get back into the story.

  • Asher Forrester

    In terms of storyline & character development….I do
    agree that it’s lacking…but I also think this
    episode as a whole was a good way to kick start some much needed
    development and evolution for the show….so it’s still too early for me
    to judge whether this season will turn it around or not from just this
    one episode, which was obviously just a prologue for what’s to come…..

    In terms of shock value, gore & horror, I think the show delivered pretty well. I was expecting one gruesome death only…so when they revealed Abraham to be the one…I did idiotically get lured into a false sense of security thinking that no one else was gonna die. At that point I was like this is pretty much exactly what I thought was gonna happen…..then a few minutes later….BAM! Glenn's head got smashed too….and my jaws dropped….xP…..I thought that was a nice twist to something I really thought I was prepared for going into the premiere….guess I was wrong! LOL Nice one TWD! You got me…..but now what??

    I also agree that they dragged it out waaaaaaay too much for their own good. From last season's extended finale to this premiere…it took nearly 2 hours before they revealed the first death…which took away all the emotional impact that Glenn's death could have had….even though it was a nice surprising twist for me. However, if they were always planning on killing more than one character…then Glenn's death should have happened in last season's finale for it to make much more of an impact….and came back with even more deaths after – maybe kill off more than just Abraham – the emotional impact of that would have been epic.

    To this moment I still don't have any idea why they ended last season with no deaths….and then came back with two deaths in a matter of moments besides intending just to shock the living daylights out of us! LOL

  • Asher Forrester

    Would it have been better if they had ended last season with the image
    of Glenn’s head smashed open….then came back five months later with
    Abraham’s head getting bashed too…and maybe a couple of more deaths like
    Rosita, Aaron, Eugene, or Sasha?? With no long agonizing cliffhanger of
    whodunnit…and even more deaths to setup this new season….how would
    that have impacted the show?

  • aardvarkratnik

    I agree with Rob about Talking Dead, I find myself wanting to yell at Chris Hardwick IT’S NOT REAL DAMMIT, IT’S A TV SHOW!

  • homertownie

    Years from now this will be one of the most memorable and favorite Walking Dead episodes, and even one of the top TV episodes of all time. The podcast just spent way too much time investing in fan fiction after the last season finale to appreciate the episode. Absolutely zero chance this was modified since the end of the last season — contracts and writing decisions were probably made a year or more before the finale.

    Abraham’s death was obvious once he wrote something down. Why else was that ever written into the script? Glenn’s death was to make it the Walking Dead and not a typical TV show.

    Sure you can debate how they told the story with tons of fan fiction stories, but the Walking Dead once again claimed that it will tell stories that no other TV show ever has or ever dared to tell. I hated the tension about Carl’s arm, but can’t say it wasn’t historically gripping TV.

    I agree with Rob that there is something odd about The Talking Dead’s dealing with the deaths, but I don’t think he has nailed down exactly what makes that not appealing.

  • Craig

    Question for Josh. Do you think Rick’s crew is going to try and rescue Darryl but when they get to Negan’s compound they see Darryl running away only to realize that he is getting a soccer ball, because he is playing with the Savior kids? I trust you get the reference.

  • Ben

    I agree and I disagree with Rob about the tone of the Walking Dead. It’s a little ridiculous to say that people shouldn’t be sad…I would argue that if you’re not at all sad when the characters die, then the writers did a crappy job of making you invested in them in the first place. However, Talking Dead was sooooooooooooooooo somber. You don’t have to be that dramatic. It’s a TV show.

    Also really confused about why Josh assumes that since Abraham said “Suck my nuts” in this episode, but it wasn’t in the S6 finale, that means that they added his death in between seasons. I mean, obviously if they had put that line into the finale then the cliffhanger is ruined. But you absolutely CANNOT kill Abraham without giving him one of his classic one-liners on his way out. Their choice was either ruining the cliffhanger or making a decision that you could maybe argue is a very minor continuity error. I don’t think that’s nearly enough evidence to conclude that they didn’t know he was gonna die when they shot the original finale.

  • Asher Forrester

    I’m just sad that they resorted to gimmicks like dragging out the reveal, and playing back montage clips of the finale…spent more time on exploiting the viewers for shock value….rather than dedicating this entire episode to one of their most iconic and beloved character – Glenn!!

    This was his death episode! We are never gonna see him alive again after this. Why is it that the first time we see Glenn this episode was when he got his head smashed?? Why, in his death episode, was he not showcased at all….and got only ONE effing line this entire 45-minute premiere!! We got more Negan yabbering about, when it wasn’t even his death episode!

    Why didn’t we start this premiere with Glenn’s perspective, to give us a more emotional impact for when he eventually dies? Why didn’t we focus on Glen from the start? Because they wanted to toy with the audience for 20 more minutes about who Negan killed, as if waiting for an entire off-season wasn’t long enough?

    In the end Glenn was just used as a tool to shock people! What a hollow and empty way to go… the writing for this show, i guess….. T^T

  • Matthew Murphy

    I’m just excited we get new webisodes. Everyone’s favorite right after Fear and dumpstergate.