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The Road to Negan, Day 5 | Abraham, Sasha, Eugene and Aaron

Walking Dead 2016: Season 7 Preview Show, Day 5 |Sasha, Abraham, Eugene and Aaron



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The Walking Dead Season 7 | The Road to Negan, Day 5: Sasha, Abraham, Eugene and Aaron

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) get ready the Season 7 premiere of the Walking Dead coming to AMC this Sunday, October 23rd, 2016.

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  • Asher Forrester

    It’s a 90 minute Talking Dead with the entire cast (including Andrew Lincoln)!!
    AND a LIVE Crowd of TWD Fans~~

    Looks like it will be a big death as everyone’s gonna be there for the send-off…right??

    I’m predicting a really awkward long uncomfortable 90 minutes for all that’s involved including us watching….LOL….AND if it is Daryl Dixon that gets Lucilled, we might even witness a real life riot on live TV!! xDDD

    • TrentC

      They usually do the show in front of a live audience don’t they?

      The whole cast is going to be on the show? Whoa…get some more couches.

      • Asher Forrester

        Yeah….but it’s gonna be a larger crowd this time….I think they will be setting up somewhere else for the premiere, where they can hold up plus minus 200 fans…and obviously a bigger stage for the ginormous couch they’ll have to get to fit the entire cast on! LOL

  • TrentC

    Big thanks to Josh for recommending the Walking Dead recap. I thought it was really well done and captured most of the pivotal moments from every season.

    • Asher Forrester

      There were some really hilarious quotes by Norman Reedus too!
      My personal faves were: “Carol stopped us from becoming sausages!”
      AND “getting accidentally hit by a piano!” LOL…..This guy is never getting killed off is he??? I’d be shocked if he dies tomorrow!! >_<

      My final pick after watching "The Journey so Far" has got to be Abraham!! I'm like 90% certain at this point….

      • TrentC

        Yes the recap special and Norman were good.

        I was thinking Abraham too only because the character has recently been set up to be more likable with his love life and all of his killer quotes.

        Now I’m wondering if it will be Eugene just because we keep hearing about how heartfelt and sad the episode will be.

        I’m hoping it’s not Glenn because of the internet surety and predictions that came real early after the finale.

        • Asher Forrester

          In all honesty, for me, the really sad and heartfelt deaths would be Glenn, Daryl, Maggie, Michonne, Carl or Rick – their deaths would hurt badly (that’s why I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s not any of them) I’d hate to start the week in an emotional wreck!! LOL

          As for Abraham, Eugene & Sasha it would be a BIG Death, but with no disrespect to their characters, in comparison to the guys above…I wouldn’t necessarily be hurt by their deaths on that same emotional level….

          However depending on how the episode is written and directed, Abe & co’s death can be very heartfelt….and for me the most emotional from the three would be Abraham! I do like Eugene too…but I feel like his character and backstory is still too much of a mystery to generate a heartfelt death. I could be wrong though….we’ll find out soon enough…>__<

          • TrentC

            The worst death for me would be Maggie. I watched the finale scene again with Negan and noticed he didn’t use a specific gender pronoun….”takin it like a champ”. Unfortunately I googled the comic book baseball bat scene (had never read the comics) and some of the dialogue is pretty close to what we saw in the TV show. I hope the TV show decides to go a different direction than the comic.

          • Asher Forrester

            I’m also hoping they don’t stay true to the comics…so that we can all be shocked together….in the best way possible!! LOL

  • Beefcake

    Also Abraham, Martin & John.

    • Katrice Howard

      Who’s Martin and John?

      • Beefcake

        It’s a famous folk song from the 60s about assassinated heroes: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy. “But it seems the good, they die young”.

        • Katrice Howard

          Lol got it

  • Beefcake


  • TrentC

    Compelling points. I really hope you’re wrong :), but in the kindest way. I rewatched the finale scene with Negan again and noticed the dialogue is pretty non-gender specific. “Takin it like a champ”.

    We know who gets it in the comic and we know Daryl is a cast addition for the TV show. I hope it’s neither of those guys. If Daryl goes, it will be one of the biggest cast deaths in TV history and I may cry.

  • Asher Forrester

    I agree with everything you said…and truly wish that you are right! Cos if what you point out comes true, we may all be experiencing the greatest moment in TV History in a few moments time!! >_<
    I just don't believe the show has the guts to kill Daryl…they tried it with Glenn and look what happened….they so nearly did it again with Daryl in the ending of the penultimate episode last season…and they had to add in an extra piece of dialogue before the credits to reassure us that Daryl's OK!! I really don't believe the show can pull of something that big, especially with Gimple as the showrunner….xD
    Anyways….guess we will all find out very soon….the time is near… let us sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show!!! hehe.

  • Adam Bradford

    I’m glad they waited 20 minutes, I feel like they needed to build up to the terror again of what the situation held. If you didn’t watch the season finale again right before it, some of that terror was lost.

    • Asher Forrester

      This only proves that the cliffhanger was a bad idea, right? xDDD
      They had a perfectly good build up for an emotional death in the finale and they didn’t follow through….such a shame!! They were so close and yet sooo soooo far away…..LOL

  • Katrice Howard

    Well I was wrong! Kinda glad! Daryl my fav besides Rick.

    • Asher Forrester

      I was on the edge of my seat when Daryl stormed up and punched Negan’s face….had my fingers crossed and praying that you were going to be right…then the expected thing happened, and we’re back to square one…LOL…Not that I wanted Daryl to die….I just wanted the show to do something unexpected and go somewhere not even the comics dared to go… it’s just sad, and maybe a little annoying to see the show resort back to following what the comics did, rather than standing on it’s own.

      • Katrice Howard

        I agree. But we shall see what’s next this coming Sunday.