Final Fantasy VII Remake | A Spoiler Discussion

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Final Fantasy VII Remake | A Spoiler Discussion

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Ken Hoang (@liquidken) have both finished their runs through Midgar, and they have returned to tell their tale.

In their latest podcast about Final Fantasy VII Remake, Josh and Ken skip right to the end — which means, yes, this is a full-blown spoilers podcast. If you have not yet finished Final Fantasy VII Remake, you will want to do that before you listen to this or any other subsequent podcasts about this game. The toothpaste is out of the tube (or the mako out of the reactor, if that works better!), and there’s no going back.

As a bonus, Josh and Ken spend some time digging their teeth into Survivor: Winners at War. Major spoilers for the season finale come toward the end of this podcast.

Josh and Ken have made a Discord server where the listeners can come talk about the game with them here: Final Fantasy Fridays (Podcast) Discord Server.

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