Hawkeye Preview | Everything is Super

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Hawkeye Preview | Everything is Super

Everything is Super hosts Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@KevMahadeo) are covering “Hawkeye,” the new Disney+ Marvel series starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld.

In this episode of the podcast, Josh and Kevin preview the new series, which debuts with the first two episodes on November 24.

Plus, a bonus podcast! If you want more Everything is Super, check out eXtra, an all-new show in which Josh and Kevin rewatch the “X-Men” animated series and discuss other happenings in the world of comics. The podcast is created for the patrons of Post Show Recaps, but even if you are not a patron, you can listen to the podcast for free on the PSR Patreon page.

Head to patreon.com/postshowrecaps to listen to the first episode of eXtra.

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