Succession | Season 2, Episode 4 Feedback: “Safe Room”

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Succession | Season 2, Episode 4 Feedback: “Safe Room”

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Emily Fox (@emelette) invite a new guest into their safe room to discuss the events of Succession season two, episode four, “Safe Room.”


In this week’s podcast, Josh, Emily and Cousin Ben weigh in on the recent pandemonium at Waystar Royco, the myriad misadventures of various different characters, and much more. They read listener feedback, float out their own theories, and generally just have a very good time. Five stars, four Bens for sure.


In “Safe Room,” Waystar Royco goes on lockdown during a potential active shooter situation. In the process, many truths are revealed: Logan (Brian Cox) and Kendall (Jeremy Strong) attempt to woo PMG CEO Rhea Jarrell (Holly Hunter) in their continued quest to buy the blue-blooded media empire, while Shiv (Sarah Snook) watches from the sidelines, feeling like a kid stuck in the corner with a coloring book. Her husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) suffers through some feelings of inadequacy of his own, as Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) announces his desires to move onto bigger and better things — and he’s not afraid to use his leverage to get there. Plus, Roman (Rory Culkin) becomes Ron Rockstone and makes a new friend, all while Connor (Alan Ruck) delivers the blandest eulogy of all time.


Josh and Emily will return with their recap of Succession season two, episode five. Make sure to send in feedback on Twitter by tagging @PostShowRecaps.

Check out Josh and Emily’s recap of “Safe Room” on this Succession feedback show: Succession | Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: “Safe Room”.

About Succession 

Created by Jesse Armstrong for HBO, Succession focuses on the Roy family, rich and powerful monsters with their hands on the wheel of an enormous media empire. Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is the patriarch who built the empire, brick by brick, but in his aging and ailing state, it’s time for him to consider the line of succession. He has four children to choose from, all of whom are problematic for their own litany of reasons: Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Logan’s drug-addicted “number one boy”; Roman (Rory Culkin), a jester in a power suit; Shiv (Sarah Snook), a political animal who is on the fringes of the family business; and Connor (Alan Ruck), the eldest sibling with no apparent appetite for the job. Dark horses like Tom Wamsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) are jockeying for the job, while inside-outsiders like Cousin Greg (Nicholas Bran) want nothing more than to scrape on by as best as they can. But of all the candidates to rule Waystar Royco, there is only one leading candidate in Logan’s decaying mind: himself.
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