The Bloom Files | The X-Files Season 1 Episodes 3 & 21: “Squeeze” & “Tooms”

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The Bloom Files | The X-Files Season 1 Episodes 3 & 21: “Squeeze” & “Tooms”

The truth is out there. In here? Who knows. But we’re opening up “The Bloom Files” to find out.

Mike (@AMikeBloomType) and Angela Bloom (@angpalaggi) try to squeeze discussion about two episodes into one, as they talk about “Squeeze” and “Tooms” from The X-Files’ first season. They get into the series’ first Monster of the Week episode–as well as its first follow-up episode–the introduction of Walter Skinner, and lots and lots of sweat.

Next week “The Bloom Files” will be covering Season 1, Episode 10: “Fallen Angel.” Write in your feedback for those episodes to be addressed in a later podcast to [email protected] or [email protected].

About The Bloom Files… 

Married couple Mike and Angela Bloom travel to the FBI basement to crack open The X-Files. Every week, the two cover a single or group of episodes of the influential sci-fi series starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, which Angela has seen many times, but Mike has never. They’ll bring their different perspectives to this first watch/rewatch of Mulder and Scully’s adventures as the podcast goes hopping through the show’s first nine seasons.

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