The Bloom Files | The X-Files Season 2 Episodes 19 & 23: “Død Kalm” & “Soft Light”

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The Bloom Files | The X-Files Season 2 Episodes 19 & 23: “Død Kalm” & “Soft Light”

The truth is out there. In here? Who knows. But we’re opening up “The Bloom Files” to find out.

Mike (@AMikeBloomType) and Angela Bloom (@angpalaggi) go back to the cold, dark well of X-Files one-off episodes as they discuss “Død Kalm” and “Soft Light.” They get into everything around the weird phenomena from these episodes, including the spectrum of old-age makeup, the magnificence of Tony Shaloub, and much more.

Next week “The Bloom Files” will be covering Season 2, Episode 25, “Anasazi,” and Season 3, Episode 1, “The Blessing Way.” Write in your feedback for those episodes to [email protected] or [email protected].

About The Bloom Files
Married couple Mike and Angela Bloom travel to the FBI basement to crack open The X-Files. Every week, the two cover a single or group of episodes of the influential sci-fi series starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, which Angela has seen many times, but Mike has never. They’ll bring their different perspectives to this first watch/rewatch of Mulder and Scully’s adventures as the podcast goes hopping through the show’s first nine seasons.

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