LOST: Down the Hatch | Season 1, Episode 4: “Walkabout”

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LOST: Down the Hatch | Season 1, Episode 4: “Walkabout”

Down the Hatch hosts Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) embark on “Walkabout,” the iconic LOST episode centering on Terry O’Quinn as John Locke.


In their conversation, Josh and Mike break down Locke’s coming out party, as the knife-wielding box man breaks free from his shell and hits the ground running in more ways than one. There are many who cite “Walkabout” as one of the very finest episodes of LOST, if not the number one contender on the board. Where do Josh and Mike land on the issue? They do a deep dive into what makes both the episode and Locke as a man so special, introduce a new segment to the podcast, and once again inevitably spin the Frozen Donkey Wheel as they far exceed the 108 minute time limit — with zero regrets, one might add. Don’t ever tell us how long we can podcast about LOST, ever!

A refresher on the plot of “Walkabout” …

Boars! It’s a full-on invasion of pigs at the crash site of Oceanic 815, requiring the survivors to burn the bodies of the dead in order to keep the island’s local predators away. The pigs arrive at an opportune time, just as the survivors start running out of food. Enter: John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) and his briefcase loaded with knives, as he posits a plan to trap the piglets and kill them for sustenance. Locke’s trek through the jungle goes awry when he and the others cross paths with the dreaded Monster — but miraculously, Locke lives to tell the tale, returning to the beach just in time for dinner and a memorial service.


In a flashback, we learn even more about the miracles surrounding John Locke — specifically, the fact that he was once paralyzed, and is now able to walk again thanks to the mythical healing properties of the island. How this is possible, or what it means for Locke’s future, is as unknown as the monster that lurks in the jungle — but of course, those who have watched the series in its entirety know all too well that Locke’s fate and the monster’s identity are tied in darker ways than one could have ever imagined.


“Walkabout” was directed by Jack Bender and written by David Fury. It first aired on 10/13/2004.

About Down the Hatch …

LOST: Down the Hatch is a full-tilt spoiler-filled rewatch of LOST. Every week, Josh and Mike break down an episode of LOST with the benefit of knowing the series’ full trajectory, using the following structure as a guide:

  • 4 Stories – Each podcast begins with a discussion of four main stories from the episode, both in front of and behind the camera;
  • 8 Sounds – The events of LOST pop right off the camera and straight into your ears with eight memorable moments replayed on the podcast;
  • 15/16 Others – Josh and Mike answer questions and comments sent their way through the official e-mail address: downthehatch@postshowrecaps.com;
  • 23 Points – Each week, Josh and Mike hand out points for the best and worst characters of the episode in question, in a foolhardy attempt to determine the most and least valuable players in the LOST pantheon;
  • 4.2 Stars – Josh and Mike will attempt to create an official Down the Hatch ranking of every episode of LOST, by rating them all on a scale from 0 – 4.2. Josh and Mike will offer their individual scores, listeners’ scores will be averaged as a third data point, then the three points will be combined for the podcast’s official score on each episode.
Each episode of Down the Hatch clocks in at no less than 42 minutes. If it clocks in at longer than 108 minutes, Josh and Mike have triggered a crisis! Consequences may (and almost certainly will) ensue.

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