Stranger Things | Season 3 Feedback + Survivor: Hawkins


Stranger Things | Season 3 Feedback + Survivor: Hawkins

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) promised a feedback show all season long, and now, it’s here — and it is the single longest podcast in Post Show Recaps history.

At first, it’s all feedback, all the time. Then, at roughly 1:20:00, the podcast becomes something very different: SURVIVOR HAWKINS, a three hour Survivor simulation that somehow does not feature a single Gary Hawkins reference. Follow along with the simulation at or watch on YouTube.

Josh and Mike will return with more Stranger Things “adjacent” shows soon, followed by the launch of a brand new podcast later in August. Make sure you subscribe; you don’t want to be “lost” when their next series starts. (Get it? C’moooon, you get it.)

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