Fear the Walking Dead World Beyond | Week 5

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Fear the Walking Dead World Beyond | Week 5

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward), Jess Liese (@HaymakerHattie) and Brandon Chappell (@Chappels_Show) voyage forward into the zombie apocalypse, on two different fronts: “Fear the Walking Dead” season six and “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” season one.

Each week, they discuss brand new episodes from both “Walking Dead” spinoffs, charting the journeys of Morgan and friends as well as the Endlings.

In week five, right out of the gate, the team talks about “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.” Look! Shadow puppets! Neat! The gang has some new friends in the form of Percy and Tony, but do we trust them both? And do we trust Huck, missing in action this week?

Then at the 34:00 mark, we pour some “Honey” all over “Fear the Walking Dead.” At long last, Dwight and Sherry are back together, but there’s trouble in paradise. Also, there are scary serial killer masks. So many scary serial killer masks.

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