Lost: Down the Hatch | Season 4 Episode 7: “Ji Yeon”

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Lost: Down the Hatch | Season 4 Episode 7: “Ji Yeon”

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) will not rest until they get the panda bear.

In “Ji Yeon,” Jin and Sun step into the spotlight together for the final time (for a while at least), with a hybrid flashback/flashforward split across time. Does the trick work? Is it a trick at all? Josh and Mike go over the twist and also talk about the developments on the freighter. Did you know there’s a spy on the boat???

About Down the Hatch … 

LOST: Down the Hatch is a full-tilt spoiler-filled rewatch of LOST. Every week, Josh and Mike break down an episode of LOST with the benefit of knowing the series’ full trajectory, using the following structure as a guide:

• We Go “Fourth” – Josh and Mike begin each podcast with a deep-dive into the story both in front of and behind the camera, and they do so with the assistance of eight sound clips from each episode.

• The Others – Josh and Mike answer questions sent their way by listeners through the official e-mail address: [email protected]

• 23 Points – Each week, Josh and Mike hand out points for the best and worst characters of the episode in question, in a foolhardy attempt to determine the most and least valuable players in the LOST pantheon.

• 4.2 Stars – Josh and Mike rank every episode of LOST, by rating them all on a scale from 0 – 4.2. Josh and Mike offer their individual scores, listeners’ scores will be averaged as a third data point, then the three points combine as the podcast’s official score on each episode.

Additional reading/listening/viewing from the podcast:

The 2/3 MVP/LVP Points For Season 4

Frank Lapidus: 4
Sayid: 3
Faraday: 3
Hurley: 2
Desmond: 2
Claire: 2
Sun: 2
Jin: 2
Bernard: 1
Penny: 1
Charlie: 1
Naomi: 1
Diane: 1
Law & Order: 1
Aaron: 1
Juliet: 0
Ben: 0
Kate: 0
Sawyer: 0
Jack: 0
The Taxi Thief: -2
Captain Gault: -1
Regina: -1
Goodwin: -1
Golf Guy: -1
Chicken (damn!) -1
Abaddon: -1
Dr. Ray: -1
Michael: -1
Harper: -2
Minkowski: -2
Elsa: -2
Widmore: -3
Locke: -4
Miles: -4

The 4.2 Star Episode Rankings for Season 4: 

  1. The Constant – 4.2
  2. The Beginning of the End – 4.02
  3. Confirmed Dead – 3.82
  4. Ji-Yeon – 3.54
  5. The Economist – 3.53
  6. Eggtown – 2.99
  7. The Other Woman – 2.42

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