“The Walking Dead: World Beyond” Season 1 Finale

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“The Walking Dead: World Beyond” Season 1 Finale

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward), Jess Liese (@HaymakerHattie) and Brandon Chappell (@Chappells_Show) voyage forward into the zombie apocalypse, on two different fronts: “Fear the Walking Dead” season six and “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” season one.

Each week, they discuss brand new episodes from both “Walking Dead” spinoffs, charting the journeys of Morgan and friends as well as the Endlings.

In the final week of the podcast, the team only has one show to talk about: “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.” And yet they manage to find a little bit of time to talk about “Fear,” too! Josh, Jess and Chappelle are joined by special guest AJ Mass (@AJMass) to break down the final two hours of the Endlings’ first adventure, what things might look like in the second and final season, and more.

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