LOST: Down the Hatch | Copycat Show Retrospective

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LOST: Down the Hatch | Copycat Show Retrospective

After Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) takes another break from season 3, Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) looks ahead to the future of LOST, in the form of shows that came after it.

Mike gets together with returning guests Jon Krause and the Ben Behind the Curtain to discuss 16 TV series that tried to replicate the formula and success of LOST. From a flashback-filled bank robbery to paranormal procedurals to way too many shows about aliens, the three take a look at what these shows took from the island, and what makes up the special sauce that keeps LOST in our hearts to this day.

Josh and Mike will return next week for “The Cost of Living.”

About Down the Hatch …

LOST: Down the Hatch is a full-tilt spoiler-filled rewatch of LOST. Every week, Josh and Mike break down an episode of LOST with the benefit of knowing the series’ full trajectory, using the following structure as a guide:

  • We Go “Fourth” Josh and Mike begin each podcast with a deep-dive into the story both in front of and behind the camera, and they do so with the assistance of eight sound clips from each episode.
  • The Others – Josh and Mike answer questions sent their way by listeners through the official e-mail address: [email protected].
  • 23 Points – Each week, Josh and Mike hand out points for the best and worst characters of the episode in question, in a foolhardy attempt to determine the most and least valuable players in the LOST pantheon.
  • 4.2 Stars – Josh and Mike rank every episode of LOST, by rating them all on a scale from 0 – 4.2. Josh and Mike offer their individual scores, listeners’ scores will be averaged as a third data point, then the three points combine as the podcast’s official score on each episode.

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